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Inside Out Versus Outside In...

Have you ever pondered on your personal strategy for achieving success? How would you describe it?
It has been studied that Strategy is only about careful research and analysis, positioning, meticulous planning and effective implementation, but it is also about your personal belief systems, ideologies, convictions and experiences. It is about your mental construct and how you make sense of the world around you, which determines your personal vision and how you go about pursuing your goals in life.
There are two ruling strategic philosophies for the attainment of long term success – the Outside-In approach and the Inside-Out approach. Both these approaches use two diverse philosophies to achieve the desired goal.
The philosophy of the Outside-In approach is to look outwards for long-term success and value creation. It lays great emphasis and onus (read blame) on the external environment and circumstances for their personal success. In this approach, the focus is on achieving the ideal organisational culture by listening to the external stakeholders and working ´outward in´. The strong underlying belief system of the Outside-In approach is that the external environment plays a major deciding factor in shaping and driving our goals and success. In simple terms, it brings ´the outside inside us´.
The philosophy of the Inside-Out approach is to look inwards for long-term success and value creation. This approach aims at fixing the outside environment by proactively looking and working on the inside. The strong underlying belief system of the Inside-Out approach is that the inner strengths and capabilities of an individual plays a major deciding factor in achieving overall success of the organization and individual.
The awareness of our own strategic approach is the first step to a more flexible approach to achieving personal success. An understanding of the dominating ideology of your colleagues and the organisation will aid in mitigating workplace tension and conflict.
In the Emotional Intelligence workshops at Crossover Leadership Journeys, you will learnt how to become Inside-Out using right side processing technique. This article takes a look at why some people are Outside-In and some are Inside-Out.
This might be a tad philosophical but it is generally seen that Outside-In people look with their eyes and Inside-Out people look with their hearts. The eyes can see things that are there as it is whereas the heart can see what is not there visually as well. Sometimes, what is there is actually not there or simply put, non-existent or a mere figment of imagination. The Outside-In people pick up many things that is not there like there may not be any issue with the boss or the company policy. If that were truly the case, then why did the Inside-Out people not see that? In fact, the Outside-In people continue to see things that are not there as they will have the same issue with all their earlier bosses and companies or for that matter in most areas of their life.
One such Outside-In person said to me “I have changed seven houses as I find a lousy neighbour every time.”
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