Rich Versus Reach: The trade-off in many situations

Last week I had the opportunity to participate in a round table discussion organized by Harvard Business School Publishing on Holistic Leadership Development for Future.
The discussion moved on to delivery of training on how effective is virtual classroom sessions at Harvard. The response from Harvard was that the instructor led sessions are always “Rich” compared to virtual classroom that have “Reach”. So there will always be a trade off between “Rich” versus “Reach”
I was thinking about this and I saw that this issue of “Rich” versus “Reach” exists in many other areas like organisations are ok if employees are not very deep “Rich” in a particular domain, skill or technology and they prefer employees with variety “Reach” of domain, skill and technology..
Organisations are ok not doing deep training “Rich” to a small set of employees but may prefer to touch “Reach” a large set of employees.
The recent edition of India Today had a survey on today’s youth not wanting to have a deeper “Rich” relationship and are ok to have many shorter “Reach” relationships.
Would be keen to know where else do you think the “Rich” verses “Reach” exists and what do you think are its impact / consequences ?

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