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The Safar and Suffer Connection: Which one do you connect with more

After a long train journey you would have heard some people saying “safar kaise kat gaya pata hi nahin chala” (it was a long journey but it did not feel so) and then there are some who are really cranky from the beginning till end of the journey. On both sides of the journey they argue with the porter till the last passenger has left the station and they have to reluctantly agree to the last porters rates. They then continue the fight with the cab driver on waiting charges even though they came out late and then it continues at the hotel because hotel at times cancel the booking on arriving later than the scheduled check in time and it goes on and on.
So what is the difference in these two passenger’s safar (journey).
I think the first passenger has done lot of sharing during the safar. While railway authorities warn us on not sharing food or drinks but there is no warning on sharing the safar of our lives. When they share they see many common suffer and makes their safar (life) not as bad a suffer as they had experienced before.
They live life moment by moment. I guess they have got inspired by the song “zindagi ek safar, hai suhana, yahan kal Kya ho, kisne jaana” (life is a pleasant safar who knows what will happen tomorrow). So why suffer.
They continue to stay inspired by the next line of the song “aasmanon se badhna hai aage” (we have to go beyond the sky). They have bigger goals in their safar (of life) and hardly get bothered by day to day suffer like the other passenger.
They don’t carry lot of baggage (of the past) with them so there is no need to argue with the porter, nor the cab driver as they don’t need to dump their past on others.
What else do you think is making the first passenger’s safar less of suffer ?

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