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Crossover believes in long format training for complete Transformation as opposed to one-time learning interventions. This is why we work with an inside-out approach starting with first changing the mindsets

Mindset Alignment

Every organization hires people from different parts of the world and each of them come with their own mindset, creating a hybrid culture. We start with bringing in alignment leading to a goal-oriented higher result.

Crossover CUSTEX

Every organization irrespective of its size would need customers, talent and execution. The CUSTEX Eco-System is a systematic way to bring the entire organization to a unified focused way of working.

Leadership Development Framework

CUSTEX is brought to life with the systematic journey-based leadership development framework.


The transformation happens with a systematic approach of facilitator-led sessions, mentors support, supervisor involvement, accountability partners and submission of action learning plans.

RIAJ - The Practice of Transformation

RIAJ in Hindi language means practice. Taking the inspiration from this word we have constituted this word into an Acronym for “Revisit. Introspect. Apply Forward. Juxtapose”. RIAJ helps the participant Revisit what they learnt, Introspect what they have applied and not applied, put a plan to Apply Forward and Juxtapose something new.


Content plays a very important role in the transformation journey of participants and the content development team adopts the below process to develop world class content.

Crossover Virtual

Crossover has mastered the virtual delivery model by redesigning the content and introducing modalities for making each virtual session as engaging as in-person sessions.


Every program goes through a structured governance approach that ensures that every initiative is successful.

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