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Crossover Leadership Journeys completes 4 glorious years.

Crossover Leadership Journeys completes four glorious years, and I take this opportunity to thank all our customers, employees, associates, and partners on this occasion.
Some of you must have read my blog when Crossover completed two years. If you have not, then I urge you to read that and see how we have grown from 24 customers to 114 customers, from a few cities in India to expanding PAN and outside India, and from 4 partners to 12 partners.
The spurt of international assignments in the last two years has paved the way for Crossover to become a strategic offshore partner for international training companies where Crossover does the content and operations support from offshore, and the training companies do local delivery in the respective country.
Like our two-year completion blog, this blog is also very detailed. So you can read it in one go or chunks. I hope you will find this blog useful and can pick some ideas for your businesses.
Growth Pangs
Usually, rapid growth brings its own set of problems. Like some existing customers getting dissatisfied as the attention goes towards fulfilling new customer needs, employees burning out as they need to double up serving existing customers and new customers, too much chaos handling multiple tasks coming from multiple directions. Crossover was not immune to these challenges, but what helped us is being sincere in practicing what we teach in our programs. Like being self-aware from our Emotional Intelligence module, not losing focus of our existing customers while acquiring new customers from our Customer Centricity module, the importance of processes, templates, and structured reviews from our Execution Excellence module. And finally, working as a truly connected, passionate team that does not turn off their lights until the customer has turned off their lights every day from the teamwork and collaboration module.
In our endeavor to constantly improve our offerings, below are few new additions in the last two years that you will find useful.
In 2018, we saw that when we met the supervisors of our participants to check on how the participants were applying their learnings in real life, we got a generic response that the participants looked positive or he/she is improving. Then, we realized that we had not given enough input to the supervisor on what they should observe in the participant. In many cases, the supervisor did not know what the participants were learning. For example, a supervisor may not know what “Contextual Leadership” framework means and the different leadership styles in Contextual Leadership. So we launched “BOOST,” which stands for Behavioral Observation and Optimization Supervisor Toolkit, which gives an overview of each concept the participants have learned and a set of questions that the supervisor can use while observing the participants. Below is a sample of BOOST of one of the 36 leadership modules that we have at Crossover.
We all remember our teachers from school and professors from our college even after so many decades because the relationship built during the teaching process is so deep and unforgettable that it stays throughout our lives. Using the same approach, we introduced “TGIF–Training Guiding Internalizing Fridays.” The participants are given the content which they use to train internally. There are many advantages of TGIF like the participants internalize the learnings while preparing to teach, there is a natural bond that gets built between them and other employees, and a larger set of employees get trained without any additional cost to the company.
Transformation Partners
After the first session of the leadership journey, a mentor from the Crossover mentoring team is assigned to the batch. The mentor helps form transformation partner pairs who help each other in the application of learning in their day to day life. Usually, the two partners meet once a week, typically on Fridays, to share how the week has been for them and how they were able to apply the concepts learned in the classroom or reflect on the article or post sent by the mentor. In case they are not able to resolve any issue, they connect with the mentor to seek their help.
C & C Club
Create and offer a supportive and positive learning environment that fosters interest in developing Character (communication, leadership, and soft skills) and Competency (technical skills) on an ongoing basis. It helps participants to articulate and express their ideas effectively and become an influential speaker. Become more confident when giving presentations to both internal and external clients. Improve their organizational skills and their one-to-one dealings with others. Become a better listener and learn from their peers.
Training Effectiveness and ROI
This is a question that every customer asks before they sign-up for the transformation journey. Given the current challenging times, this question will be asked even more than before. The framework is built in such a way that effectiveness and ROI are guaranteed. As we all know, a picture speaks a thousand words, and the below pictorial depiction gives a complete clarity of the effectiveness of the leadership journey model.
Emerging Leaders Program
We did an analysis of which modules out of the 36 modules at Crossover are most asked by our clients and we saw six modules in constant demand. We thought of creating an offering with these six modules called The Emerging Leaders Program. Also, we started offering this program in an open program format, which means that a company can nominate even one employee. This is a great boon to thousands of small and mid-size companies who did not have a flexible option to develop their people in a systematic manner. The first batch that was launched on 5th June had an overwhelming response, and we are planning to start the second batch on 21st August. Since this is now delivered virtually we had participants from Denver, Seattle, Bangladesh, Delhi, Bangalore, and Hyderabad in the first batch and we anticipate a similar mix in the second batch also. Below are the six modules of the Emerging Leaders Program, which we now also showcase when clients ask us about the modules that we would recommend them to get started for building leadership in their organization.
Proof of the Pudding
The most satisfying time for a service provider is when a customer endorses the work and gives a testimonial. I am ending this blog with the testimonials from three customers we have served for the last couple of years and continue to help them.
I hope you found this blog useful. Once again, the entire team at Crossover would like to thank all the readers, and we look forward to serving you. Please write to me directly or to the Solutions team at, and it will be our pleasure to help you.

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