Hum Honge Kaamyab Ek Din

You would have seen that many of my blogs are an inspiration from movies and songs like leadership lessons from the movie Dabbang, Safar versus Suffer from the song “Zindagi hai ek safar” and the last blog on BHAG using dialogues from the movie Dhoom 3. During the Republic Day when I was listening to the all time inspirational song “Hum Honge Kamyab Ek Din” which means we will succeed one day, I was thinking how relevant this song is in today’s times.
The first line says “Hum Honge Kamyab Ek Din” but in today’s time there is no “Ek Din”. It has to be today or max this quarter. Starting from the Boards of most companies to stock markets, they have very little patience for that “Ek Din”. The next line is “Mann Mein Hai Vishwas, Pura Hai Vishwas” meaning we have faith, confidence and trust in ourselves but if you speak to most people in corporate world they are not very sure about these in themselves. Multiple rounds of recession, constant cost pressures, demanding customers etc. have shaken them up.
The line after that says “Hogi Shanti Charon Aur” meaning silence and peace will be all around but you pick up any newspaper or switch on any news channel wherein other than the name of the newsreader as Shanti most of the news is not about silence and peace. The next line says “Hum Chalenge Saath Saath” which means we will walk together in the journey but with the above situations we don’t see colleagues getting a chance to walk together for too long as they get separated at times without their own wish. With rampant migration to cities most families are also not able to walk together.
Like many rituals I see that this song gets played all over India on the Republic Day despite many contradictory things that I mentioned above. However I was thinking what will make people “Kamyaab” today “Ek din” and in the future. Few skills and competencies that come to my mind are Ability to deal with Uncertainty, Change and Complexity, Networking skills, Analytical Skills, Digital and Social Media Skills and Global Communication Skills. What else do you think will be required ?
In all my blogs I urge my readers to take actions and here I would like you to reflect on the skills you already have and the skills that you need to acquire for “Kaamyabi Ek Din”. You may want to look at many new sources of learning which does not cost anything when you do this reflection. While the list is unlimited let me share some free sources that you can explore.
– MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) like Coursera, Udacity, EDX and many more
– on great presentations on almost all the topics you can think of
– Youtube on anything that you want to learn by search of the topics plus series of learning channels like “Leaders@Google”, “Authors@Google” and so on
– Twitter – just do a hashtag search on the topic you want to learn
– Blogs from world class management gurus to thinkers to entrepreneurs to academicians and anybody you can think of are there to share on the social media
Once you decide on the skills and competencies you want to develop please include them in your BHAG and never BHAG (Run away) from your BHAG. If you do that then no organization will want to say BHAG (Run away) to you but include you in their BHAG. Do share with me your learning plan, BHAG and the “Kamyaabi Ek Din”.

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