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Inside Out or Outside In

We quite often hear people saying my boss just does not understand where I am coming from, the policies of this company are horrible, it was not this way few years ago…this is“Outside in”.
Then there are people who would say that I really need to work on myself to get my point across to my boss, the policies of the company needs to be re-looked as we have grown big, we need to change as per times…this is “Inside out”.
Outside in is bringing outside inside us and blaming the outside and inside out is fixing the outside by looking inside and bringing the inside out.
So when I was thinking about why some are outside in and some inside out I thought that
outside in people look with their eyes and inside out with their hearts. It is said that eyes can see things that are there whereas heart can see what is not there. Sometimes what is there is actually not there and the outside in people pick up many things that is not there like there may not be any issue with the boss or the company policy because if that was the case then why did inside out people did not see that. In fact the outside in people continue to see things that are not there as they will have the same issue with all their earlier bosses and companies or for that matter in most areas of their life. One such outside in person said that I have changed 7 houses as every time I find a lousy neighbor.
Inside out people become leaders very naturally.
Some of the qualities of inside out people are :-
  • They don’t blame the outside nor the inside (themselves). They just focus on solving the problems.
  • They have a big heart. Since they always look thru their hearts their heart is always active, healthy and continues to become bigger and bigger.
  • Their eyes are facing inward, looking at the heart and not outside finding faults outside.
  • They imbibe many qualities of what our scriptures say that everything is inside us and all answers to outside can be found inside.
  • They carry the weather inside them so irrespective of whether the weather outside is gloomy or rainy; they always carry a nice sunny weather inside them.
While we all want to be inside out we may become outside in for various reasons and this article can be reminder to see inside us to become inside out. Do share your thoughts from inside if you found this useful.

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