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Leading Virtual Teams

The entire world is grappling with the pandemic of Coronavirus, and it may take a few months before things get back to the way they were functioning. In some cases, the way things function may also change. We may continue to work from home and manage teams who are also working from home.
Working from home demands a different skill set altogether, where you need to stay focused despite household distractions. It takes a big mental shift in team members also to keep the camaraderie of an organisation and productivity as an individual intact.
Since 2018 Crossover Leadership Journeys has been working virtually and based on our real life experience the practitioners have put together a very powerful program on how to lead teams virtually.
As they say, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. If you want to strengthen your employees and organization in these challenging times, then I invite you to enroll for this free program ‘Leading Virtual Teams’ 30th April from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM. You can register on https://www.meraevents.com/event/crossover-webinar-series-leading-virtual-teams-on-30th-april-2020-by-yogesh-agiwal
Some of the key areas that this session will cover are:
  • Foundations of a World Class Virtual Team
  • Working of a World Class Virtual Team
  • Nurturing and sustaining a Virtual Team culture
  • Team Members Home Office Set up
  • Tools and Infrastructure for Virtual teams
Looking forward seeing you all and learning the skills to lead the teams successfully in a virtual environment. Kindly also share this with your network so that maximum number of people can take advantage of this world class program.

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