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Is there is a limit to everything or somethings are limitless

“There is a limit to everything” is a common statement we hear from many people and even we say this many a times but how true is this and how does this help us or not help us in our lives.
There are some things that I think should not have any limit like “Compassion” for example. Just visualize for a second how the world will look like if we there was no limit to compassion.
Second one is “Forgiveness”. Most of us have put a limit on forgiveness and the sad part without we even knowing that it damages us more than the person whom we are not forgiving. So one should not put a limit on forgiveness.
Third one is “Knowledge”. If one were to not limit age or any other constraint on acquiring knowledge one will continue to evolve and have less time for conflicts, jealousy and many other things that i think should fall under the category “there is a limit to…”
Fourth one is “Innovation”. The comforts we enjoy today are because many innovators did not keep any limit on continuing to innovate and make the world a better place.
Fifth one is “Worship”. There are many who say work is worship and for them there is no limit to work. However I am referring to the worship to the almighty in any form like meditation, singing, reciting shlokas etc. Those who do not keep a limit on this will see that this also brings in limitless compassion and forgiveness. Also it opens up the doors for limitless knowledge of one self.
So besides compassion, forgiveness, knowledge, innovation, worship what else comes to your mind that falls under the category of “there is no limit to…”

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