Creating Win-Win Solutions with Customer Centricity Mindset

COVID-19 has rocked the entire economy. It has changed the global market positions. The International Monetary Fund’s world economic outlook predicts that by 2021, the cumulative loss will be approximately USD 9 trillion. The pandemic consequently impacted the normal flow of the market, people’s needs, wants, spending habits, and priorities.
In such gloomy economic conditions, the consumers are all the more discerning about how, where and why they spend, and this creates a new set of challenges for businesses. Putting customers into the focal point has become the goal of businesses.
While we have been hearing this adage that the ‘customer is the king,’ it has expanded a little further and become deeper to create a superior customer experience more than ever. Customer centricity needs to be integrated further into the strategies, goals and values of a business.
We have been using the term customer-centric since 1990’s. But it has never been more relevant than today’s business scenario. A dedicated, loyal customer base is the key to survive the unprecedented times. But as the customers are also facing challenges posed by the pandemic, your ability to meet the changing needs of customers is the key to retain customer loyalty. As Steve Jobs said, “Be so close to your customers that you can tell them what they want even before they realise it.”
Let’s experience how customer centricity plays out in real life:
Imagine you own a factory in chemical industry, which has many set of challenges and regulations. When you run your production at maximum utilization, your warehouse space is not enough to stock the full output. And considering the option of buying or renting extra warehouse space will increase the cost of the product. So you decide to push the sales and ask your team to begin with campaigns and sell the product beyond the sales target. While the team puts in their best efforts, but they are not able to meet the revised targets. Even when you offer the best price the situations do not change. The sales team reports back saying the customers are ready to purchase but do not know how to store additional stock. So, what could be the possible solution to the situation?
One of the solutions one can think of is offering warehouse space by collaborating with warehouse service providers who have got excess space or with your business acquaintances who have unused space. The other option could be to work with the customer to redesign the supply chain process, so that your production is aligned with customer’s consumption.
While the above given options look simple but it requires a deeper customer relationship, especially the second option. Hence, it is not about your challenges or customer’s challenges, it is about using customer-centricity to create win-win solutions.
We at Crossover Leadership Journeys believe that customer centricity is not a business objective, but a mind-set and culture. Our program ‘Customer centricity and cultural intelligence’ aims to help you align your organisational goals with customer centric approach. Our program is based on experiential learning by leveraging online pre-work, engaging and interactive sessions and an interactive follow up to ensure and reinforce the learnings post program. The programme intends to make your minds live-in the customer’s mind.
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